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VAMPH Grooming The Prestige Water-Based Pomade review

If you remember, I was recently handed a few pomades from the fellas at VAMPH Grooming. We last had a look at their Hair Clay. Today we're gonna continue reviewing the line and look at The Prestige Water-Based Pomade.


As mentioned in the Hair Clay review, all the products from The Prestige line come in a black and brown box with embossing on the gold text. Gives the pomade a very premium feel.

Just to clarify once again, the products I was handed had a little mix up between the clay and the UWB pomade. Other than the products being in the wrong jars, nothing else is affected. I'm fairly certain you won't face this same mix up.

The Prestige UWB pomade comes in the standard 3.5 oz amber glass jar. Comes in the same colours as the clay; sandstone and black, but inverted this time. Information is all displayed well and has a nice look to it overall. 


The UWB pomade comes in a vanilla tobacco scent. This is the first time I've smelled such a scent and I finally understand why everyone in the Everything Pomade Facebook group keeps raving on about such scents. It's really pleasant. You get that sweetness from the vanilla but also paired with a dark, masculine hit and it just smells amazing when combined.



Scooping out the product doesn't take much to it. Minimal pressure needed and breaking it down is fairly easy as well. Feels like a thick cream in your hands. However, I've found that applying into dry hair tugs and pulls quite a bit. Applying into damp hair will alleviate all those issues and make it into a smooth process. 


Combs through really well despite it being a bit dry. Not extremely sticky, but just sticky enough to keep everything in place throughout the day.


You get good control with this pomade. I've found minimal issues styling with it. It's a heavy hold that's not extremely heavy in weight. I can achieve decent shape and still get height from it pretty easily.


The UWB Pomade is definitely a heavy hold. It doesn't lose strength as the day goes by either so it stays really well in place. You might need a few minor recombs every now and then, but it's not gonna fall apart for the most part. 


Low to matte shine.



This stuff definitely has no problem holding up in the heat. The waxiness and dryness of the pomade really helps to keep your hair in place while still retaining it's height and volume. It doesn't dry up but it does firm up just a tiny bit. An interesting thing that I've noticed is that if you happen to get it wet, it softens up in your hair and feels more lighter and manageable. It's also not gonna wash out or lose hold, but it could definitely help with restyling. Running a comb through it when it's dry is definitely possible but it could feel a little bit tough. If that's an issue you face, try wet combing or just run your wet hands through your hair just a bit and recomb.


Rinsing won't wash out too much of the pomade, but one shampoo will pretty much get rid of it. It does leave a pretty clean buildup behind if you choose to rinse.


Just like the clay, if you get it directly from VAMPH, it's gonna cost you about $30 SGD ($21.36 USD) with shipping. There are also local resellers on Carousell sell it for $20 SGD ($14.24 USD). A pretty decent price for what it is.


Ever since I tried The Prestige Hair Clay, it gave me a rough idea of what I could expect from the other products in the line. It's without a doubt that these products were made to endure the heat in Asia while still retaining a level of convenience that people here tend to favour. That's exactly what you get from The Prestige line. Their UWB pomade gives you a truly heavy hold and still washes out without much to it. It's got really good endurance that lasts you a good portion of the day and I do like that about it a lot.

Of course, it's not a perfect pomade. One thing that I would've preferred was to have more slickness. The product is a bit too dry for my liking and even though that does help with the endurance, you lose a bit of it's restyling capabilities. If I had to nitpick about another issue, it would be about how it applies into dry hair. I usually apply all my pomades into blowdried hair so it'd be nice if this one was able to do the same. I do know that it's not a big deal, hence why I apply this pomade in particular into damp hair.

All in all, I still think that this is a good UWB pomade. I especially love the scent on it, and it's good to own a dependable heavy hold pomade that's not tough to wash out in your arsenal. I've even heard some people compare this to the likes of Flagship's Black Ship. I can't personally reinforce that statement as I've never tried Black Ship, but such a claim definitely makes you consider the possibility. I'd recommend The Prestige UWB Pomade to those living in hot areas, looking for products that will be able to beat the heat and still wash out with relative ease. If you're one of those who are absolutely nuts about UWB pomades, this is one you should check out. 

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