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The Splendour Pomade Butter Grease review

So about a month back I reviewed The Splendour Pomade's Crystallatum. For those unaware, The Splendour Pomade is a home-brewed pomade brand coming out of Malaysia. Normally not a country you'd think of when it comes to good pomades, but Crystallatum left a really good impression on me. A while ago, the guys from Koshiki (who are today's sponsor) contacted me and asked if I was interested to review Butter Grease, another product from The Splendour Pomade. Anyways, here's Butter Grease in all it's Malaysian glory.


Butter Grease comes in a 3.5 oz amber glass jar with black labels on the jar and lid. Almost identical to that of Crystallatum, but the combination of black and gold just makes it look elegant and badass at the same time. 


Just like Crystallatum, Butter Grease comes in two scents; butterscotch/caramel or honeydew. The one given to me by Koshiki is in the honeydew scent and I really wish it was in the butterscotch/caramel scent. Not that the honeydew scent is bad, if anything it smells pretty accurate. I'm just not a big fan of the fruit and how it smells. An odd thing that I've also found is that it smells like honeydew in the jar but after a few hours in your hair, it changes into more of a general fruity scent. Definitely works in my favour since I dislike honeydew scents, but still something to take note of.



Butter Grease feels a bit more tough and waxy in comparison to Crystallatum. Definitely needs some pressure to be scooped out, but nothing too difficult to work with. Feels like a waxy, firm hold OB pomade despite it being an UWB. Breaking it down does require a little bit of time and focus as it tends to clump up initially, but once you get it going it breaks down without much issue. Goes into your hair with some resistance, so I'd advise going in with smaller scoops.


Despite it's previous, waxy application, it actually combs through without much to it. Has a decent amount of slickness for what it is, though I do find some smaller hairs sticking up after a few hours.


The pomade is surprisingly light-weight and doesn't resist much during styling so it actually gives you excellent control. You can easily get something tall and round. It's a really well balanced product when it comes to styling your hair.


Unlike Crystallatum, you don't feel Butter Grease firming up. What you get is this waxy hold that's reminiscent of a good, medium hold OB pomade. Strong enough to endure most of the day, but will require some minor touch ups every now and then.


Low to matte shine.



Because it's not an OB pomade, it endures the heat really well. It's light-weight nature also helps to keep most of the height of your hairstyle. I do find it feeling slightly more drier as the day progresses, but nothing that will affect your hair majorly. Restyling definitely isn't an issue with this. I've also found that it pulls off a finger-combed hairstyle pretty decently due to it's drier nature.


Just like Crystallatum, all you need is a rinse. Your hair won't feel like straw either.


You can get this from Koshiki for $19.90 SGD ($14.24 USD). That's almost half of what I normally pay for a product from the states.


Ever since I tried Crystallatum, my doubts about Malaysian home brewed pomades (or most of them at least) have been shattered into pieces. I started having more faith in the quality of the products from my neighbours up north and Butter Grease definitely does not disappoint either. Sure, I still question the fact that they have a tendency to put weird, fruity scents on their pomades but it's the performance of the products that I am impressed by. Butter Grease is a very unique interpretation of an UWB pomade. What you normally get would be a creamy, paste-like wax but instead this pomade feels almost identical to that of an OB. Also it washes out completely with water which is a huge plus point for all you build-up haters out there.

I highly recommend The Splendour Pomade's Butter Grease to locals and people in SEA who are looking for a pomade that doesn't harden up but still washes out with absolute ease. It's of good quality and costs relatively inexpensive for most of us. For my friends outside of SEA, I'd ask you to check it out but I get that international shipping is a bitch. Welcome to my world whenever I'm buying home brewed pomades from the US. Nonetheless, the products from The Splendour Pomade are a force to be reckoned with and deserves way more international recognition. 

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