Sunday, 21 May 2017

VAMPH Grooming The Prestige Oil-Based Pomade review

Today we're gonna wrap up the reviews on VAMPH Grooming's The Prestige product line. We've had a look at their water-based products previously. It's time to finish it off with The Prestige Oil-Based Pomade.


Just like the others, the pomade comes in a beautifully designed black and brown box with gold embossed text. I absolutely love the attention to detail when it comes to their presentation.

The Prestige OB pomade comes in your typical 3.5 oz amber glass jar. Has red labels with black text on it and it looks pretty good. I'm personally not a huge fan of the colour choice, but at the end of the day it's what's inside that matters more.


The product has a rosewood, mahogany, tobacco, citrus, musk and slight perfume scent. Sounds like a long list, but what I mostly get is the rosewood, mahogany and a hit of the citrus. It ends up giving off a sharp woodsy and citrusy scent. I'm usually not a fan of woodsy scents, but this one doesn't put me off. I won't go so far as to say I love it, but I don't hate it either. It's also a pretty strong scent that lasts throughout most of the day.



Despite being a heavy holding OB pomade, this stuff is ridiculously easy to work with. Scooping it out requires minimal pressure. Breaking it down feels like a medium. Goes into your hair with some tugging and pulling, but nothing as bad as some of the waxy heavy holds you get in the market. 


The pomade combs through like a dream. Slicks everything down really nicely and it has a good greasy feel to it without being too oily.


The control you get with this pomade is pretty decent. You do lose some amount of hold due to the lack of wax from the product, but the density and stickiness helps you get decent height and shape.


As I mentioned before, the lack of wax does give way to the amount of hold you get. The density of the product does weigh it down a bit, but you will still be able to get height that will last throughout a good amount of the day.


Between a medium to high shine.



Being a dense and greasy heavy hold, there will be times where you'd some minor restyling here and there. Especially if you're out in the sun sweating a lot, you will feel a touch of that hold being lost. What I've noticed is that it will feel more like a firm hold in the heat. It definitely won't go so far as to melt down your face, but do have a comb ready for some small touchups.


You'd definitely need about 4 washes with shampoo to get everything out. You do get a pretty heavy buildup with this.


Just like the others, if you get it directly from VAMPH, it's gonna cost you about $30 SGD ($21.36 USD) with shipping. I've seen local resellers on Carousell sell it for $20 SGD ($14.24 USD). Reasonably priced.


Out of the three products that VAMPH Grooming handed to me, I was excited to try this out the most. Hence why it's the last one I tried and reviewed. With that being said, it's also my favourite out of the bunch. No matter what, I'll always be an OB pomade user and this is definitely a good one.

The product is really application-friendly, and you still get a fairly heavy holding product. Sure it does feel like more of a firm under the heat, but if you have to sacrifice a bit of hold to give way for application and shine, I'm all for it. I think it's a pretty well-balanced heavy. If anything, I think it's the asian Goon Grease.

Overall, I think that The Prestige OB pomade is an awesome product. I do wish that it fairs the heat a little better and that the buildup wasn't as brutal, but everything else about it is great. If it came in an even better scent, I'd even go so far as to say it's the best asian pomade I've used. I definitely recommend this to fans of heavy holding OB pomades. You will not be disappointed. 

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