Thursday, 30 March 2017

Pomps Not Dead Out Of Sense Light Pomade review

Previously we wrapped up my Lockhart's mail call from last year. Today, we're doing the same with my Pomps Not Dead mail call. We've got a product that's not often looked at in the Pomps Not Dead line. We're gonna take a closer look at Pomps Not Dead's Out Of Sense Light Pomade.


Out Of Sense comes in the standard 4 oz silver tin. Has only one label on the lid and in case you are unaware, the design is an homage to Minor Threat's Out of Step album cover. It's pretty much spot on in accuracy with the name changed to Pomps Not Dead. It looks absolutely brilliant. My only gripe would be about the lack of labelling around the sides or under the lid. I'd really appreciate knowing the ingredients the pomade contains.

I should point out that there are three different versions of Out Of Sense as of this day; a light hold, a medium hold and a firm hold. How do you tell the difference then? The light hold (which is what I own) has a blue label, the medium is in green, and the firm in red. 


Out Of Sense comes in a cola scent. It smells just like a gummy cola candy. Not exactly the most complex or sophisticated of scents, but it is simple and really nice. It's not too strong so it doesn't bother you throughout the day.

Another side note between the scent differences of the three holds is that the medium has a coconut scent and the firm has the same cola scent as the light. To my understanding, the medium hold version of Out Of Sense was brewed by mistake and was supposed to be for the Pomps Not Dead Original. Just something to take note of.



The pomade has a similar consistency to vaseline. Maybe slightly more firm, but it still scoops out and breaks down just the same. It's not a sticky light hold pomade. Just feels like pure grease and oil. Reminds me a little of Shear Revival's Elm Street, but easier to break down. Goes into your hair just the same with pretty much zero tugging or pulling.


Just like most light hold products, you can expect amazing slickness from this. Combs through with ease. It might lack a slight bit of stickiness to keep some of the hairs together, but it's nothing that bothers me too much.


Styling with this is really easy. It's not only light in terms of hold, but it's also light in terms of weight. You can still get good height and shape within it's means, which is just enough to style with.


Has just enough hold to get you small or maybe medium height if you know what you're doing. It might sag every now and then, but nothing a little run of the comb can't fix.


Nice, high shine.



Being a light hold, it's not gonna stay put for the most part. There will be times where you'll need to fix your hair or maybe even restyle. That's what Out Of Sense does really well. As long as you have a comb ready with you, you're good to go.


1-2 showers with shampoo. A lot of it even goes out just by rinsing. One of the easiest oil based pomades to wash out that I've used.


As mentioned before, I got this on Pomade Club. It cost me $21.06 SGD ($15 USD) before shipping. With shipping, it probably goes up to about $30+.


Pomps Not Dead Out Of Sense isn't a product that's talked about a lot. To be honest, I can see why. For one, it's not that easy to find. You can't get it from Edwin directly for the time being so all you can depend on are resellers (those who carry Out Of Sense aren't many to begin with). Secondly, it's not the most outstanding product in the Pomps Not Dead line. With everyone raving on about Bacon Grease when it comes to PND's light holds, Out Of Sense pretty much got put in the corner. I can't compare the two in terms of performance as I've never tried Bacon Grease.

With that being said, I still think Out Of Sense is a great light hold pomade. I may have a few minor gripes about it, but it doesn't get in the way of me using this fairly regularly. Just like with other lights, I'd just slap this on over some waxy buildup and I'm good to go. It's got a really unique scent and the fact that I'm a Minor Threat fan may have made me like it a little bit more than I would've. I haven't heard much from people who purchased the firm hold version, but personally I'd rather get the light if I had to pick between the two. PND already has plenty of amazing heavy and firm holds to choose from. It's good to diversify every now and then. So quit screaming at a wall, and get yourself a Pomps Not Dead Out Of Sense Light Pomade.

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