Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade review

I've got one more Lockhart's review to wrap up their main pomade line. Let's just dive right into it and have a look at Lockhart's Heavy Hold Pomade.


Very much like the others, Lockhart's Heavy comes in a 4 oz black metal tin. Has black and white labels and overall has a really clean and simple design. The current tin of my Lockhart's Heavy is slightly different than usual however and has bevelled edges around it. Steve has stated however that they will be swapping over to tins similar to their professional line with the screw lid. Something to note for future buyers.


By default, the pomade comes in a coco vanilla scent. The first time I bought a tin of Lockhart's Heavy was in that scent. It's a very prominent and sweet vanilla scent. I do like the smell, but the one I currently own has a peppermint coffee scent. It smells absolutely breathtaking. It's fairly subtle overall but when you catch a whiff of it, you definitely get that hit of mint of coffee. Such a great pairing. The previous Lockhart's Heavy I bought during ASAH was just in a peppermint scent. This new one with coffee included is far superior.



Scooping out the product will require some elbow grease. It's a really waxy heavy, so scooping out and breaking it down does take a little bit of effort. It's still not impossible compared to some heavy holds out there though. Applying into your hair will tug and pull quite a bit, so some of you may want to apply in damp hair.


Despite it being a heavy hold and a waxy one at that, I don't have trouble combing it through. The initial application phase may be a bit tough, but everything else after that is easier than you'd think. While it may not be the slickest pomade, it still has enough slickness to comb through easily and keep your hair in check.


This stuff straightens out any waves you may have. If you're looking to get a nice round shape, this may be a little harder to achieve compared to using something like a medium hold. Not impossible, but it will take some getting used to if you're new to heavies.


Easily the highlight of this pomade; the strength goes up to 11. The heaviest heavy I've used without it being unbearable to work with. You can easily achieve excellent height with it and lasts you throughout the day.


Matte shine. Just like most heavy hold pomades.



This product has one of the best endurances I've seen in a pomade. Because it's really waxy and not greasy, it holds up in the heat really really well. I've used this on days where I was out in the sun from morning till the evening and my hair will still retain most of it's height and shape. Of course restyling will be needed depending on the activity, but the fact that it can still be put back in place is remarkable.


4 washes with shampoo. Maybe 5.


Just like the light and the medium that I bought, it's about $30 SGD ($21.26 USD). It may sound expensive, but buying one at retail price here costs $25 SGD. Adding $5 for this awesome custom scent is more than worth it.


If you saw my review on the Kustom Kreeps Monster Attack, you'd know that it was my very first pomade. My initial impression of it was ok, but not great. Lockhart's Heavy was what I bought next and it was the first home brewed product that I've ever used. That's when it pretty much sparked my interest in the realm of pomades. I was looking for a heavy and that's exactly what I got. It was my favourite heavy hold pomade then, and it still is today. As much as I've learned to used lights and mediums and tend to prefer mediums a little bit more for an everyday use, Lockhart's Heavy still has a special place in my closet. There's a reason why it's the only pomade where I've gone through three tins while the others are still firsts for me. Whenever I need something heavy, I hardly consider using anything else.

I also love pairing it with a light hold, more specifically my Lockhart's Light. I find that both scents, the peppermint coffee and Irish cream, go so well with each other. It has a nice combination of bitter and sweet to it which is hands down my favourite combo right now.

Overall, I think that Lockhart's Heavy is an amazing heavy hold pomade. I know many others will prefer Goon Grease over this but if you're looking for something with a little more waxiness to it, look no further. It's my go-to heavy pomade back then, now and probably the future as well. 

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