Thursday, 16 March 2017

Pomps Not Dead Original Hair Pomade review

Gonna resume the reviews on my recent Pomps Not Dead mail call. If you've forgotten in my review on Lardage, I mentioned buying three PND pomades. Today we're looking at the Pomps Not Dead Original.


Pomps Not Dead OG comes in a standard 4 oz silver tin with brown, wood-like labels. Has a bit more labelling around the side compared to all my other PND pomades and I really appreciate that extra bit of info. This is also the new and revised tin of the OG. I've seen videos and photos where it comes in a different 4 oz tin, has similar wood labels on but has a small window on the lid. I really like the aesthetic of the old tins, but these new ones stack easier in my cupboard.


It has a cool water coconut scent. Before picking this up for myself, I've always watched other people's reviews on the pomade and the name of the scent always gave me the impression that it's just gonna smell like coconut. Well, not exactly. It smells more like coconut water, with some floral-ish notes to it. Kind of like if you made a cologne from coconut water. I was fairly impartial to the scent upon first smelling it, but now I can't deny how refreshing it actually is.



The product scoops out ridiculously easily. Hands down, the easiest medium hold pomade I've worked with. It's not a waxy medium so it scoops out and breaks down with no trouble at all. Goes into your hair just the same. Really smooth application altogether.


Due to the lack of wax content in the product, you're able to get really great slickness with it. It's still not as greasy as a light hold, but it still combs through with no trouble and keeps those flyaways in check.


You get the control of a light hold with this because it's not too waxy. It doesn't feel too dense either so styling with this pomade is pretty easy.


Despite it not being waxy, I can still get pretty good strength from it. It feels really light in terms of weight but it'll still hold up it's height and shape really well through the day.


Has a nice, medium shine to it.



Even though it's not a wax-heavy pomade, it still holds up in the heat fairly well. I've used the OG on days where I'm busy being out and about, and it'll still hold up most of it's height. Restyling might be needed every now and then, but what oil based pomade doesn't?


3-4 showers with shampoo. The standard.


Just like with Lardage, I got this on Pomade Club. It cost me $21.06 SGD ($15 USD) before shipping. With shipping, it should bring it up to about $30+. A price I'm willing to pay for something I can't find locally.


Seeing how the PND OG has a huge reputation for being one of the best medium holds out there in the pomade community, I went into this with high expectations. Were those expectations met? I'd say yes, they were. I can definitely see why this product has had it's following for years now. Is it my favourite medium hold pomade? Truth be told, it isn't. As much as it's a damn good product, I personally need a more waxier pomade if it's gonna last me in the long run. As much as I love the lighter and greasier stuff, they're not gonna be able to take a beating especially in this type of hot weather. But hey, that's just one man's opinion. I still think it's one hell of a pomade. There's a clear reason to why it's one of Pomps Not Dead's most well renowned products. If you're looking for a good medium, this may be the one for you.

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